The Anawim Community



Happy are They Who Seek to Embrace the Beatitudes


The Anawim Community
Servants of Christ
Frenchville, Pennsylvania



The Anawim Community
"Jesus turned and said, 'What are you looking for?' And they answered, 'Where do you stay?' 'Come and See!,' He answered. (John 1:38-39) ...

Their lives changed forever!


The Anawim Community -
Servants of Christ
was founded in 1982 as a modern Comtemplative Community.


"Out of faith in the Risen Lord Jesus a new community of people is born, seeking to be united in one spirit and one mind with Him. Upon this community Jesus pours forth His spirit, the Spirit of truth, who teaches us everything and reminds us of all He has taught us."

  US Bishops, Pastoral Letter


The Anawim Community is excited to announce that its
Anawim Associate Program is open for membership!
Click here for the Anawim Associate Program Brochure with more information and/or visit the Anawim Associate Program page.



Founding of the Anawim Community

The Anawim Community, a Catholic religious community established in 1982, grew out of the Young People Who Care, Inc. Mission that was established in 1976 by Sr. Therese Dush, who was a Sister of Mercy of the Erie Diocese at that time.. (For more information about Young People Who Care, Inc. go to From the mission program of Young People Who Care, many young people came to experience the joys of living lives rooted in prayer and service of others. Some of the long term volunteers living with Sr. Therese and ministering to the needs of the poor began to feel called to making this life a permanent commitment. Bishop Murphy, the Bishop of the Diocese of Erie, made a pastoral visit and saw the unique spirit and charism lived by Sr. Therese and the volunteers. Read More ...



Spirit and Charism


The Anawim CommunityMembers of the community are women and men committed to a life of personal and communal prayer who make private vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. They live a communal life of prayer, seeking to embrace the spirit and charism of the Beatitudes. God is both the source and the goal of the Anawim Community. God’s grace gives value to all the Community’s activities. Prayer, hospitality, simplicity, and service of the poor done in the Spirit of the Beatitudes is at the very foundation of the Anawim Community. Read More ...




Anawim Volunteers
The Anawim CommunityLong Term & Short Term Volunteers

Become a long term or a short term volunteer with the Anawim Community, living in community and sharing in the prayer life and ministries. Volunteers experience what it is like to live in Christian Community and be of service to those in need. This experience is also beneficial to those contemplating answering the call to a religious vocation. Volunteers in the local community also assist in all of Community’s ministries. Read More ...


Anawim Community Steps to Membership
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